In 2014 Margrethe Odgard and I founded the duo INCLUDED MIDDLE. We both work individually from each our studio, but when we work together as INCLUDED MIDDLE we examine the gap between our two fields, textile and furniture, ending up with objects we would not have come up with separately.
Our main focus is to make objects that challenges people´s perception of combining colour, pattern and form and often giving them the possibility to interact with the objects and change the expression.
We work from the sentences what if colour and pattern influence form and what if form influence colour and pattern.

Photo: Andreas Omvik

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VIVLIO is a flexible shelving system that both showcases and conceals. The shelves come in three different heights and colours and can either present their open front to the room or face away to conceal their content. Vivlio’s colour options for shelves and frame create a wide range of options in a celebration of the flexibility and aesthetic of simplicity.

Winner of a Red Dot 2016 Award in the category 'Living rooms and Bedrooms'

Nominated for "Furniture of the Year" in th Design Awards 2016 given by the Danish magazines Bo Bedre, Costume Living, Boligmagasinet and Nordic Living..

Photos: Andreas Omvik


MIFTAH is two handwoven floor cushions questioning the boundaries of when a textile becomes a furniture.

A mattress is the one piece of furniture we really need. The universal basis of comfort, rest and homeliness, regardless of status and culture. The name, ‘miftah’, is Arabic for key: a physical key to a door or a home as well as a figurative key to something new. In a comment on the current refugee situation in Europe, we chose the name with the aim of sparking associations to an open door that leads to safety, a new country, culture or home and new solutions. The small pillow doubles as an extra chair when you welcome a guest or share your home with someone else

Materials: Icelandic wool and foam.

Exhibited as part of MINDCRAFT16 during Salone del Mobile, April 12-17 2016 at Circolo Filologico Milanese, Via Clerici 10, 20121 Milan

Photos: Andreas Omvik



IOTA 2015

IOTA is a plaid design in which the pattern is an
interpretation of the woven gap in a classic check pattern.

Materials: Alpaca and merino wool.

Photos: Andreas Omvik



The REYKJAVIK daybeds are inspired by the architecture of Reykjavik, where wood constructions meet coloured sinus curved aluminium panels and roofs. The mattress can be flipped for another colour balance.

Thanks to Dinesen and Kvadrat

Exhibited in designstore Epal, Reykjavik during the DesignMarch festival, March 10-13, 2016

Exhibited in the showroom of Dinesen, Copenhagen, May 26-August 19, 2016

Photos: Andreas Omvik